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Welcome to the Institute of Environmental Sciences

Institute of Environmental Sciences was established in August 2014. Before that, the Insitute bore the name Insitute of Ecology and Geography (since May 2011) and included the oldest Faculty of Geography in the country and the USSR's first Department of Ecology of Kazan State University (KSU) then joined by the Faculty of Education and Geography of the Tatar State University of Humanities and Education.

There have been established training and research laboratories with world-class facilities. Since 1812 the Meteorological Observatory has been in action. The Institute has three stations for field practice.

The highly-qualified scientific and pedagogical staff consists of 17 Doctors of Science and 41 Ph.Ds of Science. The total number of employees is over 100 people.

There are over 700 students doing all modes of study. Training is conducted in 4 Bachelor and 5 Masters Programmes.

The faculty conducts research in the following priority areas of development of science, engineering and technology of the Russian Federation:

PRESENTATION of the Institute of Environmental Sciences




News and announcements

16 April 2019 Soil erosion in European Russia to be studied in new project
The Institute of Environmental Sciences will helm the project supported by the Russian Science Foundation.
30 January 2019 Cooperation potential discussed with Ministry of Agriculture of Tatarstan
Minister Marat Akhmetov and industry stakeholders toured Kazan University in the morning of 30th January.
26 November 2018 Pertinent Problems of Contemporary Soil Science Conference
The forum is held on 26th – 27th November to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the soil science department at Kazan University.
17 November 2018 Tatarstan may warm up by 8 degrees till end of century, expert predicts
Regional conference “Ecology of Our Cities” was held at Kazan University on 16th November.
19 September 2018 Model of multi-component aerosol evaporation proposed
A joint research was undertaken by Kazan Federal University and University of Brighton.
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Head of department:Selivanovskaya Svetlana Jurevna
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