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09 August 2020 Celebrating International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
9th August is the day assigned by the United Nations to draw attention to the multitude of world's unique local cultures.
04 August 2020 Students assist in filling in the Cultural Heritage of Tatarstan and Tatar People portal
The project is co-curated by Kazan Federal University and Tatarstan Academy of Sciences.
26 May 2020 100 years of statehood of Tatarstan discussed at a scientific forum
An online discussion on the place and role of Tatarstan in the development of Russian state was held on 26th May.
23 April 2020 Roundtable discussion held at Kazan University to celebrate Vladimir Lenin's 150th anniversary
Apart from being one of the most influential leaders in world history, Lenin is also especially significant for Kazan and Tatarstan.
13 March 2020 1st International Linguistics Forum in Kazan
The conference is being held at KFU on 10th – 13th March.
19 February 2020 Findings in ethnic history of the Volga Region presented at a conference
The event is organized by the Institute of International Relations.
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