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News and announcements

15 April 2021 Founder of Goodsurfing movement commended as Headliner of the Year
Ilya Popov received the annual prize for 2021 in Business and Innovation nomination.
23 December 2020 Student of the Year at Kazan Federal University 2020
The year-end ceremony celebrating top talent was held on 22 December.
14 December 2020 Tatarstan State Prize in Science and Technology awarded to KFU employees for preservation of cultural heritage
Several researchers received the 2020 state prize for their contributions to Sviyazhsk and Bolgar projects – both now included in UNESCO lists.
02 December 2020 Christian Frähn Medal given to Director of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts Irina Popova
The award ceremony took place during the opening event of the 2nd Kovalevsky Readings.
Head of department:Ramil Khairutdinov
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Address:420008, Kazan, 1/55 Pushkina
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