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  • Портал КФУ \ Academic Units \ Natural Sciences \ Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry
Welcome to the Institute of Chemistry

In 1804 when the Kazan University was formed, the University Charter provided for the establishment of departments of the «Chemistry and Metallurgy», «Technology and Science relating to trade and factories» at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

These departments began their active work only in the 1830s, when the Chemistry in the University was taught by professors A.Ya.Kupfer, N.N. Zinin and K.K. Klaus.

The fundamental works of N.N. Zinin, K.K. Klaus and their student A.M. Butlerov put the beginning of the foundation of the well-known Kazan School of Chemistry.

The successes of the Kazan chemists have contributed to the organization of the Research Chemical Institute named after A.M. Butlerov at Kazan University (1929).

In 1933 as a result of reorganization of Soviet universities there was opened the Department of Chemistry in Kazan University.

The Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry was established on April 21, 2003 on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of Kazan State University by the merger of the Research Chemical Institute and the Chemical faculty of KSU.

The Institute prepares chemists to work in the research laboratories of higher educational institutions, academic and branch scientific-research institutions, factory laboratories, schools, colleges.

Students gain the necessary legal knowledge, get acquainted with the basics and ethics of management, and study foreign languages.

There is a continuous training in computing. Special attention is paid to ecological education. Many graduates of the Chemistry Department are working in organizations and services of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic, engaged in the organization to monitor the environment. Students distribute into faculties from the fourth year.

However, many students choose specialization earlier and come to the Department on the first and second courses.

As a rule, they are actively involved in research work. Among the students of the Chemical Institute there are the winners of the all-Russian competition for the best scientific works, Soros laureates, winners of other prestigious awards.

In the educational process employs more than 70 employees, among them the academician and corresponding member of the RAS, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 25 professors and doctors of sciences, 44 candidates of sciences.

At the Institute there is a Museum, which is the history of creation and development of the famous Kazan Chemical School. It preserved the atmosphere of the last century.

The Museum is visited by scientists of Russia and near and far abroad, students and schoolchildren. The Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry has concluded a contract with the center of InnoCentive.

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News and announcements

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Innovative research by Kazan Federal University was publicized in early access in Energy.
11 August 2020 Oil-soluble transition metal-based catalysts tested for in-situ oil upgrading
A paper by Kazan Federal University appeared in early access in Fuel.
10 August 2020 Vladimir Markovnikov Prize established by President of Tatarstan
The award will be given for outstanding achievements in organic chemistry.
08 August 2020 Negotiations conducted with General Director of Nizhnekamskneftekhim Ayrat Safin
Rector Ilshat Gafurov visited the city of Nizhnekamsk and the facilities of the petrochemical enterprise on 7th August.
23 July 2020 Self-assembled nanoporous biomaterials to enhance vitamin intake
A paper by Kazan Federal University saw light in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.
22 July 2020 Kazan University chemists offer a new look at polymers for space industry
They were in the first in the world to research the solid-state polymerization of aryl cyanates.
17 July 2020 Mysterious mechanism of graphene oxide formation explained
A paper by Kazan Federal University appeared in early access in Carbon.
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