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The Department of International and European Law was established in 2006 as a result of the division of the Department of Constitutional and International Law.

The creation of the Kazan School of International Law became possible thanks to the deep historical traditions laid down in the Kazan Imperial University.

Since the formation of the Kazan Imperial University in 1804, the Department of Natural, Political Law and Law of Nations was singled out as part of its Moral and Political Branch, which included reading international law (which at that time was called law of nations).

For the first time at Kazan University, lectures on national law began to be read in 1806 by Henry Ludwig Buneman, professor of the University of Göttingen, in Latin and French.

Since 1809, classes on natural and popular law were conducted by a graduate of the University of Göttingen, the first dean of the moral and political Branch (in 1814), Johann (Ivan Arnoldovich) Finke. His pen belongs to the first guidance on jurisprudence, published in Kazan University in Russian in 1816: "Natural, private, public law and law of nations." The fourth part of Finke's work was devoted to the law of nations.

In the years 1815-1818. lectures on law of nations were read by the master of jurisprudence Е.P. Manasein. Elpidifor Petrovich Manasein was the first Russian teacher of international law in our country. In May 1818, E.P. Manasein left for the Caucasus and was soon appointed director of the colleges of the Caucasian province.

In the years 1820-1821. courses of law of nations and natural law led a prominent figure in the field of law, the dean of the moral and political branch in 1818, the rector of the Kazan Imperial University in 1819-1820, Gavriil Solntsev.

First independent Department of International Law was provided by the University Charter of 1835. Before 1917 the Department of the International Law was related with prominent international lawyers such as Nikolay Ivanov, Petr Kazanskiy, Michail Dogel, Vladimir Ulanitskyi, Nikolay Kravchenko. Professor Kravchenko was the first soviet chair on international law during 1917-1921.

From 1975 to 1991 the Department was headed by Doctor of Law, Professor David Feldman, thanks to the scientific, professional activities and organizational skills of which the Kazan School of International Law, recognized by domestic and foreign scientists, was established.

Currently, the department is headed by Doctor of Law, Professor Adel Ilsiyarovich  Abdullin. The scientific direction of the department: main trends of development international law and order in the XXI century. Today 8 doctors of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences on the specialty: “International Law, European Law” work at the department.

Scientific direction of the Department: international legal problems of ensuring sovereignty, national security and human rights.

Department provides teaching in the field of Public and Private international law, European Union law, Human Rights, implements Master's programs in Russian and English languages, having international accreditation, actively participates in international academic exchange.

Lecturers of the department completed an internship in international organizations (UN, WIPO, WTO, ILO, the Council of Europe, the EU) and in foreign universities (University of New York, Fribourg, Lausanne, Louvain, Brussels, The Hague, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, the Central African republic, etc.).

Associate professors and professors chair are a major public work, are members of associations, the European Society of International Law (ESIL-SEDI), the Russian Association of International Law, UN Association of Russia, the Russian Association of European Studies, and others, appeared as an expert of the State Duma and the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan.

By supervision of Professor and Associate Professor protected by more than 140 candidate and doctoral theses, including citizens of foreign countries (Afghanistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Laos, Oman, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia).

The Department has three student research circle:

- Public International Law (supervisor, Prof. G.I.Kurdyukov)

- Private International Law (supervisor, Prof. L.H.Mingazov)

- International Humanitarian Law (supervisor, associate professors U.Yu.Mammadov).

In 1994 was established the Center for Information and Documentation of the Council of Europe, which was the library with a set of documents and materials on basic human rights. Center receives complaints of citizens and help in preparing applications to the European Court of Human Rights.

In 1996, at the department was a branch of the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights and Democracy. Branch Head of Department - Professor L.H. Mingazov. The purpose of the UNESCO Chair is to promote the development of an integrated program of research, information, and work with documents in the field of education for human rights and democracy.

In the framework of the Tempus program in 2004 established the Centre for International Law and opened magistracy in international law. The center aims to - provide regional state and municipal bodies, as well as wide spectrum institutions and organizations involved in international cooperation, professional staff with a university background in international and European law, international relations and politics.

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