News - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
21 April 2021 Fossils of ichthyosaur species gifted to Kazan University's Geological Museum
The bones of Kazakhstanosaurus, a newly classified species of marine reptile, are 150 million years old.
20 April 2021 Radif Zamaletdinov thanked for assisting in implementing projects with Yanarysh Foundation
Director of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication received a commendation letter in Kazan Kremlin on April 16.
19 April 2021 Meeting with Turkish diplomats
Two representatives of the Republic of Turkey visited the University on April 16.
15 April 2021 Ambassadors of Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe welcomed at university
The ambassadors are paying an extensive visit to Tatarstan from April 12 to 16.
15 April 2021 Founder of Goodsurfing movement commended as Headliner of the Year
Ilya Popov received the annual prize for 2021 in Business and Innovation nomination.
15 April 2021 Robotic infrastructure elements proposed to bolster performance of infectious hospitals
A multidisciplinary team from Kazan Federal University published a paper in Advanced Robotics.