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About department
About department

The date of department's establishing (1964) is coincided with  the reorganization of the department of state law and historical- legal sciences which was  head by the talented scholar  - David Isaakovich Feldman. From 1975 till 1987 was head by the professor Fatkullin Fidail Nurgaleevich. From 1987 till 2015 was head by professor Reshetov Yuriy Sergeevich. From 2015 the head of the department is associate professor Pogodin Aleksandr Vitalevich.  

During the period of  department's history the  preeminent professors like Zaharov N.S., Lazarev V.V., Ivanenko O.F., Kurdyukov G.I., Mingazov L.H., Gorbachev I.G. have worked in it.  .

Currently, there are 3 professors, 13 associate professors, 5 senior teachers, 8 assistants, 2 specialists. The legal regulation and the implementing the law serve as the main subjects for theoretical researches.

The department offers a Law honours programme for its bachelor's and master's students.

Disciplines on bachelor degree:

Disciplines on master's degree:

The programs on legal science are embedded in other faculties and institutions of Kazan federal university and taught by the teachers of department.

In addition to the regular studies the students are encouraged to conduct active students' scientific-research work. There are three students' scientific groups which act under the supervision of the department's staff:

- Theory of state and law. Scientific supervisor is Cand. of Sc. in Law, Associate Professor L. L. Sabirova.

- History of home state and law. Scientific supervisors are Cand. of Sc. in Law, Associate Professor V.R. Sharifullin and assistant Yu. M. Lukin.

- History of state and law of foreign countries and history of political and legal sciences. Scientific supervisors are Cand. of Sc. in Law,Associate Professor D.N. Gorshunov and assistant M.V. Voronin.

The department prepares postgraduate students and PhD candidates on the specialty 12.00.01 – Theory and history of law and state; history of sciences of law and state.

Head of department:Pogodin Aleksandr Vitalevich
Office:305 A
Secretary:Sibaeva Olga Vladimirovna
Phone:+7 (843) 2337105
Address:420008, Kazan, 18 Kremlyovskaya St.
Regulation:open file