News - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
16 July 2019 6th Volga-Yangtze Youth Forum started in Changsha
The forum is being held on 16th – 25th July; three Kazan University representatives have joined.
15 July 2019 KFU representative joined ICOMOS National Committee
Head of KFU World Cultural Heritage Center Rafael Valeev was elected to the Committee during its 1st Election Conference.
11 May 2019 6th International Youth Festival 'Cultural Mosaic of Tatarstan'
KFU Yelabuga Institute joined the festival on 4th – 7th May in the city of Bolgar.
01 May 2019 Fifth Student Victory March gather over 5 thousand people
The traditional ceremony occupied the length of Kremlin Street on 30th April.