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StrAU '7P Translational medicine': Education
StrAU '7P Translational medicine': Education ,САЕ Трансляционная 7П медицина, образование, междисциплинарность

"World Declaration on higher education for the XXI century" notes the need for the development of transdisciplinary educational programs, suggesting a functional synthesis of methodologies and the creation of entirely new research concepts. Medicine is a striking example of the relativity of classification of the sciences, being at the crossroads of natural and social fields of knowledge. A transdisciplinary approach will be the basis of modernization of educational activities of the StrAU and will be implemented in the framework of educational programmes for training medical and other professionals for the industry "Healthcare", solving the problems of translational medicine.

All measures on modernization and up­date of the educational programs will focus on the implementation of paramount block "Providing" in the General program of StrAU "7P Translational medicine". In addition, the mandatory implementation of students scientific research in the framework of term papers, theses and dissertations, and work at the bedside, will contribute to the development of all other "P," project "7P Translational medicine". Thus, important elements of the educational process will be a modern project-and problem-oriented approaches.