List of participants\Conference ''The Physics of Low Temperature Plasma'' (from 5 to 9 June 2017) - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
List of participants (23)
First Name Last Name Scientific degree Country City Authors of report Title of the report Type of the report
Adnan Hakki PhD Syria Damascus A Hakki, N Kashapov High Power Argon, Nitrogen Plasma Torches Poster
Alvaro Martin Ortega PhD France Grenoble A. Martin Ortega, A. Bes, S. Bechu, A. Lacoste, Modelling and characterisation of elementary microwave plasma sources at medium pressure (1 to 50 Torr) for high rate deposition. Poster
Emionwele Omondia Abraham bsc Nigeria uromi pet lam Oral
Evgenia Benova Assoc. Prof. Dr Bulgaria Sofia E. Benova, Y. Topalova, Y. Todorova, M. Atanasova, T. Bogdanov, I. Yotinov, P. Marinova,K. Ivanov, I. Tsonev Surface-wave-sustained Argon Plasma torch for Biomedical Applications Oral
Igor Matveev Ph.D. United States McLean I.B. Matveev, S.A. Matveyeva, S.G. Zverev High Pressure ICP/RF Plasma System for Nano-materials Production Oral
Irina Schweigert Ph.D. Russia Novosibirsk I V Schweigert, A L Alexandrov, P Gugin, M Lavrukhin, P A Bokhan, Dm E Zakrevsky, Effect of secondary electron emission on subnanosecond breakdown in high-voltage pulse discharge Oral
Irina Schweigert Dr Russia Novosibirsk I. V. Schweigert, M. Keidar Periodical plasma structures controlled by external magnetic field. Oral
Irina Schweigert Dr Russia Novosibisrk I. V. Schweigert, Li Lin, M. Keidar Theoretical and experimental study of plasma jet interaction with surface. Oral
Ismail Rafatov PhD Turkey Ankara Ismail Rafatov, Cemre Kusoglu Sarikaya, Anatoly Kudryavtsev, Serhat Cakir PIC/MCC simulation of photoresonance plasma sustained in the sodium vapor Poster
Ismail Rafatov PhD Turkey Ankara Ismail Rafatov Multiple stationary filamentary states in a planar gas discharge system with a high ohmic barrier Oral
Ivan Tsonev Student Bulgaria Sofia I.Tsonev MICROWAVE PLASMA FOR WOUND TREATMENT Poster
Jacques Amouroux Docteur es sciences Physics Pierre et Marie Curie University DHC France Paris Professor Jacques Amouroux ,professor Simeom Cavadias DBD plasma catalysis process for carbon recovery Oral
jacques Amouroux Docteur es sciences physique ,DHC FRance Paris Professor Jacques Amouroux and Professor Serguey Dresvin DBD plasma process a specific tool for gas treatment and depollution scale up Invited
Jean-Pierre BOEUF Docteur Es Sciences France Toulouse JP Boeuf, L Dubois, F Gaboriau, L Liard Ion acceleration through a magnetic barrier - Single stage and double stage Hall thruster Invited
LACOSTE ANA Professor France Grenoble A. Lacoste, P. Baele, A. Martin Ortega, A. Bes, S. Bechu Elementary microwave plasma sources with extended operating parameters (from low to high- pressures) for large area deposition. Oral
Leanne Pitchford PhD France Toulouse LC Pitchford Data needed for modeling low temperature plasms Oral
Mikhail Benilov Professor Portugal Funchal M. S. Benilov The Bohm criterion and modelling of sheaths and near-electrode layers in arc discharges Invited
Mikhail Shneider PhD, DSc USA Princeton Mikhail N. Shneider NANOPARTICLES IN THE VICINITY OF THE ARC DISCHARGE Invited
Peter Bruggeman doctorate USA Minneapolis Peter Bruggeman Plasma water vapor kinetics and plasma-liquid interactions Invited
Plamena Marinova PhD student Bulgaria Sofia Plamena Marinova, Evgenia Benova, Yana Topalova, Yovana Todorova, Maya Zhekova, Ivaylo Yotinov, Frantisek Krcma COLD ARGON PLASMA TORCH FOR WATER TREATMENT Poster
René Cartaya BSc. Russian Federation Dolgoprudny René Cartaya, Michael Vasiliev, Tatiana Vasilieva, Vladimir Miasnikov Processing of hydrocarbons driven by non-thermal plasmas Oral
Vasco Guerra Professor Portugal Lisboa Vasco Guerra and Daniil Marinov Kinetic Monte Carlo algorithms for surface kinetics Invited