Research\Gene and Cell Technologies - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

New approaches in gene and cell therapy of humans and animals:

Biomarkers for infectious and autoimmune diseases:

Genetically-cell technology to stimulate liver regeneration:

Tumor metastasis

Research is focused on the fundamental molecular mechanisms regulating tumor metastasis and the role of circulating tumor cells in the metastatic process.

Stem tumor cells

Investigating the biology of stem tumor cells to better understand the phenomenon of resistance and provide the basis for the development of new cancer therapy.


The immune system is the link between the tumor and the body. Understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate the cellular and humoral immune response to tumors for development of novel therapeutic approaches.

Autophagy in oncology

Autophagy, or "self-eating", is the process by which cells are redistributed and metabolites contribute to cell survival, or induce their death. Autophagy, which supports tumor growth is a rational therapeutic target. The studies will help to understand the role of autophagy in tumor growth and creation of therapeutic products aimed at the inhibition/regulation of the process.