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About department
About department ,Environmental, Labor Law and Civil Process

The department of the ecological, labor law and civil process was formed in November, 2005 as a result of allocation of structure of former department of civil law and process, department of the civil and business law. 

Now 24 professors work at the department, among them 4 doctors of science, professors, 7 associate professors, 3 senior teachers and 9 assistants (from them 3 candidates of law). A number of practical workers are invited for reading special courses (the Deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of RT M. M. Hayrullin, the judge of Federal arbitration court of the Volga region district, candidate of law V.A.Petrushkin, M.A.Savkin). 

The department provides lecturing to bachelors and specialists and carrying out seminar classes in the following courses:

- Ecological law;

- Land law;

- Labor law;

- Civil procedural law;

- Arbitrazh (commercial) procedural law;

- Law of social security. 

With formation of department new specialization "Judicial and arbitration" on all offices was open and new special courses of specialization are prepared:

- Problems of working hours and rest time;

- Offenses and responsibility according to the labor law; 

-  Rule-making and law-enforcement activity of the organizations in the work sphere;

-  Contractual regulation of environmental management and jurisprudence;

-  Jurisprudence on corporate disputes; 

- Exe­cutive production;

- Arbitration legal proceedings in the Russian Federation;

-  The rights to the land plots in the cities and other settlements and their judicial protection;

- Arbitrazh practice on bankruptcy;

- Procedural features of consideration by vessels and arbitration courts of separate categories of civil cases;

- Notariate. 

The part of these courses is planned for bachelors in the "civil law and civil process" direction.

The department takes part in preparation of masters in the "civil law, family law, enterprise right, international private law" directions (Z.F.Safin,D.Kh. Valeev, R. N. Saliyev, A.Z.Zinnatullin). 

In 2013 magistracy opening in the "European Civil Process and Exe­cutive Production" direction with involvement of known foreign professors (the head of prof. D.Kh.Valeev) is planned.

All training courses are provided with educational and methodical drounds. On department are prepared the collective textbook "Arbitration Process" with a signature stamp of UMO and the Comment for the Federal law "About exe­cutive production" (Co-authors: prof., Valeev D.Kh. prof. Chelyshev M. Yu. Assistant professor Fetyukhin M. V., assistant profesor Zagidullin M.R., etc.).

Representatives of leading higher education institutions of Russia began to take part in the All-Russian judicial debate from all over the Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Kazan, Saratov, Tambov, Ufa, Orenburg, Yekaterinburg, Surgut, Sakhalin, etc.

On department preparation of graduate students on two specialties is conducted: 12.00.03. – civil law; enterprise law; family law; international private law; 12.00.05. – labor law; right of social security. In 2011-2012 master's dissertations were defended by 4 graduate students (Galeyev R. F. Sitdikov R. B., Korolev I.I. Baranov S.Yu) .

In 2013 is planned the opening of postgraduate studies on two specialties: 12.00.06. – ecological law; land law; nature-resource law; agrarian law; 12.00.15. - civil process; arbitration process.

Student's scientific student groups work at the department:

-  group on the land and ecological law (Research supervisor candidate of law, associate professor E.F.Nigmatullina);

-  group on the labor law (Research supervisor candidate of law, associate professor M. V. Vasilyev);

- group on a civil and arbitration procedural law (Research supervisor doctor of law, professor

D.Kh. Valeev);

In 2005 the first competition under the name "Judicial Debate" were realized on the basis of law department of KGU. ( the administrator of that associate professor Fetyukhin M. V.)

The competition "Judicial Debate" was transformed in All-Russian in 2006 at the initiative of a number of legal educational institutions.

Currently, intensive work on giving the journal Rakovsky and international scientific and practical issues.

For the first time in the department on the initiative of Professor D.Kh. Valeev  teachers and staff of Kazan (Volga) Federal University in cooperation with the publishing house "Statute" (Moscow) organized production of specialized scientific-practical journal "Bulletin of Civil Procedure," a frequency six issues a year.

The founders and editors set themselves goals: union representatives procedural science and practice, the formation of a single information field procedure, the development of the doctrine of civil procedure, attracting foreign scientists, and best practices of foreign countries, promotion of young scientists protsessualistov, generating recommendations for judicial arbitration and other legal practice.

Head of department:Safin Zavdat Fajzrahmanovich
Secretary:Avdonina Juliya Nikolaevna
Phone:+7 (843) 233 72 13
Address:420008, Kazan, 18 Kremlyovskaya St.
Regulation:open file