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Criminal law Department
Criminal Law ,Criminal law Department

Criminal law Department was founded in 1967. Being in the structure of moral –political Department of Kazan Imperial university there was defined the department of law which initially carried out teaching of criminal law.

The first Dean of moral –political Department was Professor  I.A.Finke ( 1773-1814). He had drawn up the manual of natural law in Russian language.; it was published then in 1816 and was the evidence of the first printed book of legal science in Kazan. The book of I.A.Finke “ Natural, private, public and national law” included the number of progressive provisions that time.

Significant mark in the history of legal thought in Kazan university was left by the Professor G.I.Solntsev ( 1786-1866) which was the specialist of natural and criminal law. G.I. Solntsev noted that every person may demand “to respect his dignity as a human being, not to set it in a number of things”.

History of Criminal law teaching and studying in Kazan University started in the first half of XIX century. Actually in the first volume of scientific notes I n Kazan Imperial University ( 1834) there was appeared the publication of the professor Gustav Fogel of criminal law. In the late 50-60s of  XIX century Professor A.P.Chebishev-Dmitriev had arrived to Kazan from Yaroslavskiy law lyceum though soon removing to Saint Petersburg. His innovative work “A criminal action according to Russian law” was made during Kazaz period. At the end of 50s A.P.Chebishev-Dmitriev performed the duties of an editor of those scientific notes. At the end of XIX century the chief department of criminal law became Professor F.V.Gregorovich teaching also penitentiary law.

In 1899 Anrew Antonovich Piontkovskiy being a teacher of Kazan University ( 1862-1915) , a scientist  - also had introduced new tendencies to criminal law science as being only discussed those times. On his opinion the triad of science looks like this: criminal sociology, criminal dogmatics and criminal politics. Actually A. A.Piontkovskiy introduces ad includes there as criminology as penology.

A. A.Piontkovskiy than has got doctoral degree in criminal law for his research work “ Criminal politics and conditional condemnation” and has become as a chief department after Professor’s F.V.Gregorovich death. Since 1911 A. A.Piontkovskiy became Dean of the law faculty. His son had graduated from Kazan university and became the great expert in criminal law science in soviet period.

First years of evolution when law faculty was dissolved and the other faculty of public sciences was created , the criminal law department wasn’t defined as independent structural branch. I 1926 law faculty was rebuilt. New plan included teaching the following courses as “ criminal psychology”, “ penitentiary politics”, “ criminal code and penitentiary”. Soon law faculty was again abolished and restricted to the Institute of soviet society  construction and the rights, but then – into Kazan law faculty.

In 1952 law faculty was returned to the structure of Kazan State University. Since 1952 there was created criminal law department , department of criminal procedure and criminology. The first Dean of that rebuilt law faculty was Alexander Tihonovich Bazhanov. Since 1959 -1967 A.T.Bazhanov was also chief department. It should be noted that still is existed the tradition of choosing the Dean among members of criminal law department. Since 1952-1983 Professor of criminal law V.P.Malkov became a Dean, after – professor F.R.Sundurov and , at last, now  - the present Dean of law faculty is I.A.Tarkhanov being also Professor of criminal law department.

Returning to 1967 , criminal law department of a chief A.T.Bazhanov’s divided into two independent departments – criminal law and criminal procedure.

The first chief department of criminal law was professor Boris Stepanovich Volkov ( 1867-1982) , then the department was headed by Professor Viktor Pavlovich Malkov ( 1982 -1998) and Professor Fedor Romanovich Sundurov( 1998-2011). Since  the 1st of till now  the department is headed by the Dr.juris Professor Mariya Vyacheslavovna Talan.

Some other talented Professor had worked at this department as Professor M.D.Lisov - Honoured Scientist of Republic Tatarstan and Ass.Prof.M.H.Habibullon - Honoured  lawyer of Russian Federation which is  Deputy Chairman of  Supreme Court in Republic Tatarstan for 15 years and is working more than 24 years in judicial system. Present time at the department of criminal law is also working Garaev M.T.Phd in law, Chairman of the Soviet regional court in t.Kazan.

Former graduates  are also mentioned outstanding Professors of criminal law and criminology present time as S.V.Diyakov, A.V.Naumov, T.G.Ponyatovskaya,V.A.Yakushin which work in leading Universities in Russian Federation.

Scientific directions of the department: “ Differentiation and individualization of criminal responsibility and punishment”. There are 30 post graduate ( aspirants) though 4 of them are citizens of foreign countries and there are 2 Doctoral students. There are also more than 5 part-time aspirants.

The following disciplines are lectured at the department:


B 3 Professional cycle

B 2 Mathematical and natural scientific cycle

B 3 disciplines by choice:


M 2 Professional cycle:

M2 disciplines by choice:

At the department of criminal law and criminology there are also scientific cycles on criminal law under the head of scientific tutoring of the Professor M.V.Talan, on criminal – exe­cutive law - under the head of scientific tutoring of the Ass.Professor L.V.Bakulina and the  Senior lecturer R.N.Khalilov.

Teaching staff department of criminal law and criminology also realizes teaching activity in the official representative of Kazan University law faculty in the c.Naberezhnie Chelni.

Head of department:Talan Mariya Vyacheslavovna
Office:310 A
Secretary:Gizatullina Elena Vladimirovna
Phone:+7 (843) 233 71 03
Address:420008, Kazan, 18 Kremlyovskaya St.
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