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Stratigraphy, Paleontology
Geochemical methods and their application in different aspects of geology
Environments, Palaeoclimate, Palaeogeography, Biota and Facies
Mineralogy, Lithology, Geophysical methods, Resources
Temporal and spatial aspects of sedimentary basins evolution: types of the basins, stages of development, modelling and petroleum potentia
I would like to participate in Workshop:
Permian Stage boundaries
Carboniferous boundaries globally and regionally
Devonian stratigraphy: urgent problems
Chronostratigraphy and the methods of synchronization of geological events
Business Meeting of the Late Carboniferous-Permian-Early Triassic Nonmarine-Marine Correlation Working Group of the International Subcommissions on Carboniferous, Permian, and Triassic stratigraphy
The Third V.G. Chalimbadja Memorial Workshop "Conodonts: systematics, biostratigraphy, paleogeography"
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