News - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
26 June 2019 Memory diagnostics now available at Kazan University Clinic
Neurologist Ilshat Khayrullin is in charge of the new service.
24 June 2019 Markovnikov Congress on Organic Chemistry
The international conference opened in the morning today.
18 June 2019 Calcium phosphate to help advance bone tissue regeneration
Fadis Murzakhanov, graduate student of the Institute of Physics, elaborates on his ongoing research.
18 June 2019 Hydrogenation of white phosphorus leads way to safer chemical technology
Kazan University's Industrial Catalysis Lab published results in Pure and Applied Chemistry.
15 June 2019 Kazan University working on tuberculosis medication
The project was discussed on 14th June with the Director of Saint-Petersburg Institute of Phthisiopulmonology Pyotr Yablonsky.
14 June 2019 Nightingale census in Kazan hints at possible decrease in bird population
The collective effort of scientists and local inhabitants has wrapped up.