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26 May 2020 100 years of statehood of Tatarstan discussed at a scientific forum
An online discussion on the place and role of Tatarstan in the development of Russian state was held on 26th May.
21 May 2020 Cell-culture based test systems for anticancer drug screening
A new paper by Kazan Federal University appeared in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.
18 May 2020 Arts-based method to detect school bullying
A paper appeared in International Journal of Qualitative Methods.
12 May 2020 Complex compounds of vital metals serving as models of biological systems
A paper about heteroligand complexes of copper was published in Russian Journal of General Chemistry.
10 May 2020 Patent registered for use of magnetite as in-situ refining catalyst
A series of prospective catalysts is under investigation at Kazan Federal University.
05 May 2020 Age of NGC 6652 globular cluster specified
A paper by Special Astrophysical Observatory and Kazan Federal University appeared in Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics.
02 May 2020 Discoveries of stress resistance mechanisms in heat shock proteins pave way for innovative biotechnology
A paper by Kazan Federal University and the Institute of Cytology appeared in RSC Advances.