Sitdikov Ajrat Gabitovich. Направления научной работы. Персональная страница сотрудника КФУ. Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет.
Sitdikov Ajrat Gabitovich
Field of Science
Scientific interests 

Kazan University is actively engaged in the establishment of new research areas in the archaeological science: introduction of modern archaeological technologies in archaeometric studies, restoration of archaeological wood, leather and textile articles, development of the Archaeology of Tatarstan geoinformation system, an interactive database on republican archaeology, the Unified State Register of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Tatarstan Republic, major programs and projects in the field of research and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Tatarstan, Russian and Eurasian peoples.

The Archaeology of Eurasian Steppes, Archaeology and Natural Sciences of Tatarstan, Archaeology of the Volga Region and the Urals: Materials and Studies monograph series and the Volga River Region Archaeology journal have been established, and the International FieldArchaeological School has been founded in the town of Bolgar.


Certified Expert in the field of National History and Cultural Studies, Expert of Historical Sciences, Culturology and Art Studies group of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Work address: 44 Levo-Bulachnaya Str., Kazan, Building #26
Office number: 46
Phone: 2920983
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 15 years 10 months   from 01.11.2007
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 18 years 10 months   from 01.11.1996
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 23 years 8 months   from 20.09.1990
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 15 years 10 months   from 01.11.2007