Research\Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

The Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies comprises one of the points of Kazan Federal University growth. Nowadays, the Institute is among the leading Russian centres that study hydrocarbon reservoir structure, cores and enclosed fluids as well as employ physical methods of surveying rocks and minerals. The Institute invests heavily in forward-thinking solutions of exploration and development of complex hydrocarbon reservoirs using game-changing technologies of formation stimulation. Currently, the Institute houses 3D GEO Center, a multipurpose reservoir modelling unit, which utilises software packages developed by leading global software producers, and over 20 R&D laboratories with the state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

The leading-edge tools and highly skilled personnel make it possible to cover a wide range of survey activities from studying minerals, rocks and fluids by applying conventional techniques to challenging simulations of in-situ heavy oil and bitumen processing with the use of new catalysts developed by the KFU facilities.

We rest our philosophy of work on such key features as interdisciplinary, employment of the entire University's potential, ambitiousness in setting goals, uniqueness, recognition and liaison with market leaders (large companies and leading universities).

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