Scientific equipment\Research - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
Scientific equipment

- pH-meter - DELTA 320. It is applied to measurement рН, the redoks-potential of solutions with simultaneous measurement of temperature and temperature compensation of results of measurements рН.
- The climatic camera for a prorashchivaniye of plants - the Biotron-3. Guarantees uniform conditions of illumination at constant temperature condition.
- Drying cabinet with the indicator of regulation of the set IRZT-1 temperature. It is intended for evaporation of moisture from plant material and substances at a temperature of 40-200.
- Electronic analytical scales - Vibra HT Shinco HT-220CE.
- Shaker - PE-6410M with a frequency of fluctuation of a platform from 0-250 fluctuations a minute. Allows to mix liquid in vessels (flasks, glasses) from 10 to 1000 ml, in test tubes, and also in the delitelnykh funnels.
- Bath water - IT 4300Е with an accuracy of maintenance of temperature in a ban - 0.5 C; it is intended for heating of samples in chemical glasses, flasks or other vessels.
- The spectrophotometer - UNIKO-2800 and PE-5300VI are intended for measurement of coefficients of a transmission, optical density and concentration of solutions. 
- The centrifuge - Rotina 380R, LMC-4200R carries out centrifugation in microtest tubes and in test tubes like Falcon of 50 ml.
- The gas analyzer - GFS 3000 (Walz, Germany) is intended for research of parameters of gas exchange of plants
- The device for a horizontal electrophoresis of Mini-Sub Cell GT, a vertical electrophoresis PROTEAN II xi and the PowerPack Universal power supply of the BioRad company.
- System hromatografichesky a high pressure for division and purification of proteins - BiologicDuoFlow of the BioRad company.