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Departments of Dentistry and Implantology

Кафедра стоматологии и имплантологии

Head of the Department

Prof. Rais Hafizov

"We are glad to welcome You on the website of the Department of Stomatology and Implantology at Kazan Federal University".


The department is proud of its long history, dating back to November 16, 1918, when the 2nd Kazan Dental School was transformed into the Odontology Department at the Medical Faculty of Kazan University.

In 1919, the course on Surgery of Jaws and Oral Cavity with the Clinic of Operative Dentistry was entrusted to be taught to L. B. Blidstein. The course served as a background for the the Department of Odontology established on April 21, 1920. 

In 1938, the Department became an independent unit - Kazan Dental Institute. 

After 95 years, on 23 April 2013, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation ordered to reestablish under the guidance of the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Rais Khafizov organized the Department of Stomatology and Implantology at the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of Kazan Federal University.

Head of department:Prof. Hafizov Rais Gabbasovich
Phone:+7(843) 236-79-47
Address:420012, Russia, Kazan, Karla Marksa st., 74
Regulation:open file