Letyaev Valerij Alekseevich. Направления научной работы. Персональная страница сотрудника КФУ. Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет.
Letyaev Valerij Alekseevich
Field of Science
Scientific interests 
Systematization of Law, Reception in Law, Comparativ law, Russian historiography of Ancient Rome (the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries), Reception of Roman Law in Russia, Multicultural in Law, The social conflict in normativ-semiotics systems
 17 years 1 months   from 23.07.1994
 32 years 2 months   from 22.03.1982
Scientific and pedagogical experience:
 35 years   from 22.03.1982
General experience:
 39 years 2 months   from 23.04.1981
Experience in KFU:
 10 years 9 months   from 01.09.2011