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Carboniferous stage boundaries, stratotype sections, and GSSPs
Permian stage boundaries, stratotype sections, and GSSPs
Carboniferous and Permian high-resolution stratigraphy (multi-proxy correlations)
Late Paleozoic glaciations and interglacials: impact on ecosystems and sedimentation
Carboniferous and Permian plate tectonics and orogenies
Late Paleozoic marine macrofossils: systematics, biostratigraphy, and paleobiogeography
Late Paleozoic continental biota: systematics, ecosystems, and paleobiogeography
Micropaleontology: systematics, phylogeny and biostratigraphy
The terrestrial late Paleozoic world: paleosols, lithofacies, and environments
Sequence stratigraphy and cycles
Late Paleozoic reefs, biostromes, and carbonate mounds
Cold-water to tropical carbonate lithofacies and environments
The late Paleozoic oceans: paleoceanography
Latest Devonian and mid-Carboniferous extinctions and recovery
End-Permian mass extinction and Early Triassic recovery
Carboniferous and Permian coal and mineral deposits
Eurasian conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon systems
Preliminary title /authors; underline the co-author who will present the lecture, if more than one author
Field excursions
A. Pre-congress excursions:
A1. Lower Carboniferous of the St. Petersburg region (north-western Russia)
A2. Moscow Basin. Stratotypes of the Serpukhovian, Moscovian, Kasimovian and Gzhelian stages
A3. Southern Urals. Deep water successions of the Carboniferous and Permian. Lower Permian GSSPS
A4. Middle Permian - Lower Triassic continental sequences in Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions (north of European Russia) and localities of flora, tetrapods, non-marine fishes and invertebrates
B. Mid-congress excursion:
B1. Permian deposits and historical-cultural sites along the Volga River (boat tour)
B2. Middle Permian paleosols in succession of the Urzhumian Stage around Kazan
C. Post-congress excursions:
C1. Volga and Kama Region. Middle and Upper Permian
C2. Middle Urals. Carboniferous and Permian marine and continental successions
C3.Carboniferous reference sections: potential candidates for the base Serpukhovian GSSP, organic buildups, Southern Urals
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