Higher School of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems\Physics, Mathematics and IT - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
15 June 2018 Robot football match held between two Kazan University teams to celebrate FIFA World Cup
The two sides were the Higher School of IT and Intelligent Systems and the Institute of Engineering.
14 June 2018 Grant funding to be allocated to research of robot surgeons
The project's official title is “Control systems for robotized laparoscopy instruments for autonomous tissue stitching.”
22 May 2018 8th PRO Science event, Night of Discoveries, attracted record number of attendees
About 2 thousand people came to the Frying Pan courtyard in front of the Main Building on 21st May.
25 April 2018 Visit by Ambassador of Switzerland Yves Rossier
The Ambassador met with Rector Ilshat Gafurov and KFU staff on 24th April.
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