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Danis Nurgaliev

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News and announcements

01 June 2017 SAU EcoOil Strengthens Footing in China
A KFU delegation visited Southwest Petroleum University on May 23rd – 24th.
24 May 2017 Thermal Methods of Recovery Enhancement Discussed with PetroChina
The meeting occurred at RIPED, PetroChina's research and development facility, on May 22nd in Beijing.
28 April 2017 Researchers to Make Corrections in Climate Change Models
SAU EcoOil employees evaluate the contribution of methane to global warming.
07 April 2017 Cooperation Agreement Signed with Industrial University of Santander
Kazan University intends to share expertise in heavy oils with Colombian colleagues.
24 March 2017 One Step Closer to 'Smart' Deposits
SAU EcoOil and Russian Federal Nuclear Center work together on digitization of oil deposits.
19 March 2017 Russian Language Center Will Be Run by Kazan University in Cuba
Representatives of the Embassy of Cuba visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies on March 15th.
15 January 2017 Kazan University's Cooperation with Latin America Will Receive Support on the Federal Level
KFU has become a participant of the national program of cooperation with Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba.
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