Danis Nurgaliev\Leadership - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

Телефоны горячей линии по дистанционному обучению: +7 (843) 233-74-26, +7 (843) 233-71-42, по техническим вопросам: +7 (843) 230-30-66

Danis Nurgaliev

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News and announcements

20 February 2020 Kazan University visited by Intel executives
Head of Software Channel EMEA Ralph de Wargny and Business Development Manager Olga Andrianova talked with Rector Ilshat Gafurov and other employees.
27 November 2019 Advanced training programs discussed with Kazzinc
Negotiations with the Kazakhstani metallurgical powerhouse were held on 25th November.
01 October 2019 9th Russian Conference on Lithology
Over 170 rock scientists have gathered at Kazan University for a second time.
03 September 2019 Kazan Federal University is a part of Tatarstan Oil and Gas Forum
The forum, spanning 2nd – 4th September, comprises three international expos and five conferences.
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