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Elabuga Institute

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News and announcements

21 February 2017 Students actively participate in the campaign 'I choose again!'
Today at 9 o'clock a real referendum was started at the university.
16 February 2017 Students of Elabuga Institute of KFU performed at ThinkBigWeek
Senior university students studying economics, social sciences, humanities and mathematics met at the National Research University
15 February 2017 Young IT leaders of the Republic came to the international competition
Today Yelabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University became the center of the regional stage of the International student competition
11 February 2017 Nikhao! Tatarstan will start talking Chinese
Each inhabitant of the republic will have soon an opportunity to learn Chinese thoroughly and to become a certified specialist.
29 January 2017 On Universiade steps to KFU
Schoolchildren participated in the Interregional Scientific Universiade could get bonus for admission to higher educational institution.
27 January 2017 Yelabuga: live history
The participants of the scientific-practical conference in Yelabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University managed To embrace across the generations
27 January 2017 Rishat Zaripov: 'I experienced joy and pride for my Institute'
The student of Yelabuga Institute KFU Rishat Zaripov awarded a special state scholarship of Tatarstan Republic.
23 January 2017 'Unity': students of all countries, unite!
The new project «Unity» has embraced various master-classes, a cinema club, brain-rings, conferences in TED Talks format
09 January 2017 British holidays
The Winter Language School 'English 4U' sessions were held in the sports campsite Burevestnic from 3 to 8 January
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Address:89, Kazanskaya st., Elabuga, Tatarstan Republic 423600