Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation
Undoubtedly, Kazan University is an example of how a storied institution with good traditions and outstanding scientific schools can answer the challenges of time and move forward
Xiong Jianping
Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
Kazan University has deeply impressed us, and we have felt that its amassed experience and potential in sciences are very big
Thomas Graf
Head of the Department of Science and Technology, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Russia
I am very glad to witness the development of your wonderful university and its cooperation with German institutions. With this cooperation, you make a great contribution to creating a healthy standing for our bilateral relations
Saiful Hoque
Ambassador of the People's Republic of Bangladesh to Russia
It's a big pride for me to be in Kazan and in your university
Richard Schoen
Professor at University of California, Irvine; Winner of the 2017 Lobachevsky Medal and Prize
I am proud and happy to be here today. It's pleasant that my wife and I have been met with such warmth here in Kazan. Lobachevsky's heritage is undoubtedly one of the major achievements of the world science
Jon M. Huntsman Jr.
Ambassador of the United States of America to Russia
Kazan University is one of the greatest universities I have ever visited
Edouard Bizimana
Ambassador of Burundi to Russia
Burundian students who studied in Russia occupy high positions after returning to the homeland
Arun Kumar Srivastava
Professor at Kazan University
I was confident to choose Kazan Federal University out of several options to come here and work with Kazan students