Your attention is given to the methodical recommendations of the general physical practical work on optics.

Within the framework of laboratories on optics work:

Head. laboratories - prof. Fishman Alexander Izrailovich

Engineer in the laboratory № 605 - Sakharova Nadezhda Petrovna

Engineer in the laboratory № 705 - Bakunina Guzyal Vazikhovna, Polukeyev Igor Germanovich

The list of the experimental problems in Optics Laboratory

Des­criptions of laboratory works:

Interference at Fresnel’s Biprism with an He-Ne Laser

The study of the phenomenon of natural rotation of the plane of polarization (ru)

Investigation of Polarized Light (ru) 

Newton's Rings (ru)

Investigation of the Spatial Coherence of the extended Light Source

Interference Filters

The study of centered optical systems (ru)

Mirror of Lloyd (ru)

Experimental verification of Stefan-Boltzmann Law  (ru) 

Basic Laws of photometry  (ru)

Determination of the Velocity of Light in Air and Liquids from the Path and Transit Time of a Short Light Pulse

Fraunhofer diffraction at one- and two- dimensional gratings

Fraunhofer and Fresnel Diffraction at the Slit

Investigation of linearly polarized light and verification of Malus' law (ru)

Absorption of the Light (ru)

The study of the rotation of the plane of polarization on a polarimeter (ru)

Determination of Cardinal Points of Complex Optical System

Analyses of the Sun Spectrum (ru)  

Fresnel Phase Zone Plate

Fresnel Formulas (ru)

Faraday effect

Ultrasound in Liquid (Debye-Sears Effect)