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Welcome to the Institute of Psychology and Education

The Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University is a leading educational centre in Russia aimed at teaching educators and psychologists, conducting research and realization international pedagogical and psychological projects. 

The main mission of the Institute of Psychology and Education is the education of leaders and professionals in Education and Psychology as well as research activity intended to improve the teaching process and develop educational and psychological knowledge.


An online tour of the Institute of Psychology and Education


Education of teachers is utterly important for Russia and the world society. Nowadays there are many problems in the educational field and the future depends on our strategies to address them. Therefore, the better we educate future teachers; the better our country and society will become.

Aydar Kalimullin , Professor, Director of the Institute of Psychology and Education


Kazan Federal University actively collaborates with international universities. Together we realize a great number of projects and our students and lecturers participate in academic exchanges with university partners.

Roza Valeeva, Head of International Department, President of the Russian Society of Janusz Korczak


Psychology is the science of the future. The research will focus on experimental psychology in 10-15 years: neurocognitive practices, bioethics and artificial intelligence.

Alexander Prokhorov, Professor, Head of Psychology Department

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