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LIRS applied scientific research areas:

- Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV)

- Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

- Interaction of autonomous groups of robots

- Anthropomorphic robots (humanoids)

- Simulation and graphical interfaces

- Social robotics: personal robots

- System integration tasks

- Smart city

Lab Projects

Project name: Search and rescue robotics

Project name: Autonomus calibration of humanoid robot camera

Project name: Localization, mapping and search by UGV with assistance of UAV group

Project nameControl system for robotic laparoscopic instrument

Project nameAutonomous calibration of onboard robot cameras using fiducial markers

Project name:  Informational system for management of flood and land slide land slide disaster areas using a distributed heterogeneous robotic team

Project name: Development of a new calibration template and calibration algorithm for on-board cameras of a mobile robot