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History and development

Prof. Dr.Sc. Danis Nourgaliev
- Head of Oil Production, Oil Refining and Petrochemistry Priority Area
- Vice Rector for Research
- Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies 

The Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies st Kazan Federal  University is , being a point of mutual interests of science, education, industry and business,  plays a leading role in development of the priority area of oil production, oil refining and petrochemistry.However, other institutes of Kazan Federal University also take part in R&D: Institute of Physics, Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Computer Mathematics and Information Technologies, N.I.Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Institute of Ecology and Geography. Our immediate goal is to create fundamentally new methods in order to develop “non-conventional” stocks.

Strategy for development: 

– research and development in areas that will be in high demand in the nearest future, including effective technologies for viscous oil and bitumen production (where we can become world leaders in the coming years);

– development of energy-efficient and clean technologies thanks to the extensive use of catalytic systems;

– mathematical simulations of problems at all levels.

Research will be carried out at the four Centres of Excellence in cooperation with leading research centres and business-partners, including: Schlumberger, JSC Tatneft, JSC Lukoil, JSC Rosneft, JSC Gazprom, and Xytel Inc. (USA).

World-class research by 2020:

1. Environmental changes

2. Stratigraphy and 3D-modelling of hydrocarbons deposits

3. In-situ oil refining

4. Petrochemistry and catalysis.

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