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Research profile

Currently, the research in Kazan Federal University is carried out in 250 departments, 17 faculties, 18 institutes, 3 branches, 128 research and educational laboratories and 42 research and academic centers.

In order to improve the quality of education and provide the further integration of education and research in KFU, there have been established several R&A (Research and Academic) centers with highly-developed instrument base. Amongst them are:

Scientific research in KFU is carried out by 3064 scholars (including 443 Dr.Sc and 1719 C.Sc.), 308 full-time researchers (including 22 Dr.Science and 89 C.Sc.).

At present, there are 1,113 postgraduate students, 37 Ph.D., and 43,471 students studying full-time or part-time. KFU operates 26 specialized Dissertation Supervisory Committees, where in 2014 131 theses (21 doctoral and 110 masters) were defended. University staff successfully defended 23 doctoral and 119 master's theses.

Research activity covers almost all branches of knowledge in natural, technical, and social science. Subjects of research correspond with main priority areas of scientific, technical and socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan and the KFU Development Program.

Annual average number of research projects conducted at KFU is about 450. The largest number of research projects accounts for natural sciences (earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy).

Centers of Shared Facilities at KFU possesses all the necessary facilities for a broad of fundamental and applied research, as well as the unique research equipment and highly qualified specialists.

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