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Laboratory 'Information Technologies in Medicine'

The laboratory works in several fields. Firstly, this is automation of manufacturing process in medical institutions. Here belong record and storage of information on patients and employers, financial reports, statistics, diagnostic data, recipes and other.  

Secondly, the laboratory intently studies sports medicine: modeling of post-traumatic rehabilitation and functional diagnostics. The third sphere of activity is connected with immune chips, produced with the help of nanotechnologies. These tiny devices allow to accurately define illnesses which person has had.

Moreover, 3D – modeling of neural network can be performed in this laboratory. Prototype of a necessary program for performing this work has been already worked out. In future it will be improved and will become interactive and highly realistic. It is planned to perform works in the sphere of artificial intellect.

Courses are conducted by members of Kazan company “Corporate information routines”, which participated in the creation of laboratory. That`s why students who take training in the laboratory “Information technologies in medicine” not only receive knowledge from highly professional specialists, but also get highly paid work.