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Fujitsu GDC Labs

Fujitsu Labs are a good start for young specialist development and opportunity to launch a career in Fujitsu company, while being a student. In Fujitsu Labs students work in technological domains of Fujitsu, study technologies applied in the company and acquire practical experience under the principle of "from simple to complex".

Fujitsu Labs were open at the ITIS training center on November 23, 2011. Their main purpose is training of practicing specialists oriented towards Fujitsu design requirements, who can potentially be employed by the company later on.

The labs consist of four departments:

  1. Future software engineers study in Workplace Lab. To know how to automate solutions for complex, distributed and large IT-infrastructures they:
  2. In Testing Lab everyone knows that in order to become a professional in testing one needs to have knowledge in several IT-fields (programming, system administration, business process analysis and to be a hacker to some extent).
  3. In Java Lab students are not only taught Java-technologies, but also offered an opportunity to apply obtained knowledge in practice. In such a way, students acquire attainments and skills necessary for professional career launching as a Java-developer.
  4. In Retail Lab students are trained for work in one of the most promising IT-fields – trade and retail equipment automation systems (retail field).

Reference information: Fujitsu is a large transnational corporation, manufacturer of electronics, software solutions. It works at a global level and has subsidiaries all over the world.