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Research activity

The Department of Zoology and General Biology conducts research on morpho-functional and ecological adaptations of animals on cellular-tissue, organism and population levels (GRNTI code 34.33.15, UDK code 592, State registration number 01200108157).

Within the main area there are following divisions: 

bioresources, biodiversity and bioinvasions (biology of bioinvasive species in the marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems; fauna research; applied hydrobiology, biology of fishery objects; rational management of fishery resources and invertebrates of commercial importance, fish breeding, applied entomology, apiculture);

evolutional and functional animal morphology (evolution of organ systems and morpho-functional adaptations; changes in ultrastructure of animal tissues due to anabiosis conditions or radioactive influence);

life system technologies (information technologies in zoology and hydrobiology, fauna cadastres; molecular taxonomy; paleoclimatic reconstructions hydrobiologic indicators, bioindication and toxicology);

biomedical research (histology of pathological and regenerated tissues using light and electronic microscopy; parasitologic and ichthyologic research; forensic and medical entomology).

Scientific research at the Department corresponds to the Priority Areas of science development in the Russian Federation and to the Development Program of Kazan Federal University: biological and medical technologies, life systems technologies, rational nature management, information and communication technologies, multilevel educational systems.