The term 'anatomy' is derived from Ancient Greek meaning 'I cut up, cut open'.  Anatomy involves the study of the macrostructure of the human body. It is tied with many subjects, e.g.  developmental biology, embryology, histology, physiology. Since the opening of the Kazan Federal University across the ages Kazan was a forge of its own scientific school of anatomists. We are proud of anatomy heavyweights like P.F. Lesgaft, V.N.Tonkov, N.D.Bushmakina, V.A.Popova, I.S.Malinovskii, K.M.Yahontova, P.A.Glushkova, V.N.Ternovsky, and many others.  



Zaikina Elvira Ildarovna
MD, PhD, Senior lecturer

Rezvyakov Pavel Nikolaevich

Rezvyakov Pavel Nikolaevich
MD, PhD, Associate professor

Bikkineev Farid Gakifovich
Bikkineev Farid Gakifovich
MD, PhD, Associate professor

Makhmudov Komron Shukhrat ugli

Makhmudov Komron Shukhrat ugli
​MD, Junior reseacher

Gazizov Insaf Ildarovich
Gazizov Insaf Ildarovich
MD, Junior researcher

Shakirova Aygul Fedaelevna
Shakirova Aygul Fedaelevna
MD, Assitant

I semester (fall)

Lecture 1. Introduction to Human Anatomy
Lecture 2. The Skeletal System

Lecture 3. Articular system I
Lecture 4. Articular system II
Lecture 5 Muscle tissue and skeletal muscle
Lectures 6, 7, 8 Fascia and topography

II semester (spring)

Digestive System
Respiratory System
Urinary and male reproductive system
Female reproductive system
Cardiovascular system
Endocrine system


Rating system (points, marks, grades, credits)

Thematic plan


Osteology control (questions)

Osteology control (list of structures)

Myology control (questions)

Myology control (list of structures)

Splanchnology control (questions)

Splanchnology control (list of structures)

Cardiovascular system control (questions)

Cardiovascular system control (list of structures)