This course will start in the fall semester of the academic year 2018/19 for the third year students of General Medicine and Dentistry.

Pathophysiology is a branch of medicine and biology that studies the origin, development and outcome of pathological processes; features and dynamic nature of the modification of physiological functions in various pathological conditions of the organism.

Pathophysiology seeks to explain the functional changes that are occurring within an individual due to a disease or pathologic state.

Pathophysiology can also mean the functional changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury.

And finally, pathopgysiology bridges the gap between basic medical sciences and clinical training by discussing the picture of disease as physiologic dysfunction

Angelina Titova Andreevna

Olga Chernova Nikolaevna


1. Mechanisms of cell injury

2. Lipids metabolism disorders

3. Pathophysiology of blood circulation

4. Inflammation

5. Immune system

6. Autoimmunity

7. Neoplasia

8. Genetic diseases

Questions Quiz 1 Pathophysiology

Questions Quiz  2 Pathophysiology

Questions Quiz 3 Pathophysiology

Oral cavity (for dentistry students)

Thematic plan