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Please fill the Housing application form if you need an assistance with accommodation and send it to ois@kpfu.ru.

If you haven't filed the housing application, it means that you will be responsible for your accommodation.

After your housing application, KFU will provide you with an apartment option. After you arrive in Kazan, you will decide if you like it or not.

KFU can provide you with a maximum of two apartment choices. At least two weeks prior to your arrival in Kazan you will be informed of the type of accommodation that KFU has reserved for you. 

If you do not like either apartment, you will have to arrange accommodation for yourself. 

The following types of housing are available to international students. Please keep in mind that housing is not included in the cost of the program!

Dorms/student residences

KFU is the only Russian higher education institution, which has enough housing units to accommodate all its students.

Normally, the dormitory is provided to those studying on main academic programs. As an exception, it can also be provided to students who arrive here for no less than one semester. The price varies depending on where you stay (270 rubles per month for the old dormitories, 540 rubles per month for the new dormitory “Universiade Village”).

Besides, some students may be unhappy with rather strict dormitory rules. For those who think that they will not be able live on such rules, we recommend thinking about Off-campus apartments or Family stay from the very beginning. Dormitory residence permission is granted only upon medical examination at either university or city student policlinic. Please bring along your X-ray and RW blood test results to the medical examination. If need be, X-ray and blood test can be taken in Kazan, providing you have a medical insurance valid in Russia.

Universiade Village   

The Universiade Village is truly an oasis of comfort for students rightfully called «a city within a city». Its atmosphere is unique and easily recognizable. The Universiade Village is the biggest dorm complex in Russia now, comprising 20 high-rise and low-rise buildings. Naturally, there are various sports grounds and facilities in the vicinity. Security is a top priority; no one is allowed to enter without proper identification and registration.

Accommodation: 2-3 persons/room, 1 kitchen, 1 WC and shower.

The number of rooms is limited, early applications will have a priority.

Price: 540 rubles per month

   Universiade village map

The old dormitories 

Accommodation: 2-3 persons/room, 8 rooms on the floor, 1 kitchen, 2 toilets, 1 shower in the basement

Price: 270 rubles per month


Off-campus apartments

Apartment rent depends on its location, size and refurbishing. As a rule, rented apartments have furniture and basic household appliances (fridge, Telephone). The current price range for one or two- room apartment in Kazan is RUR 15 000-20 000. Telephone bills are not included.

List of hostels located near the University:

You can choose a hostel on the websites:

Host family stays

KFU offers family stay with host families that have been accommodating international students for many years now. Price is 20 000 RUR for one month (room and breakfast). The price includes a separate room and breakfast. Additional services – as agreed with the host family. Telephone bills are not included.