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International Schoolteachers Festival

Schoolteachers’ Festival is an international platform for exchange of experience of effective organization of education. The Festival in different years was attended by experts from the US, Germany, Israel, Singapore, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and other countries. School teachers from Russia and abroad, with significant achievements in their professional activities play a special role in the Festival. Participation in the festival provides an opportunity for members not only to present their designs to a wide range of specialists, but also to receive exclusive information about the state of education in different countries.

Schoolteachers Festival is a few days for busy professional communication, recreation in a circle of new friends and partners in the noble cause – in the formation of new citizens for renewing the world.

Participants of the Festival

Schoolteachers Festival is an international project that has received worldwide recognition of the teaching community since 2010. It is held with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan. Its goal is to broadcast innovative educational practices of Russian and foreign school teachers. 

Dialogues and disputes, in which teachers, representatives ofacademic sphere, scientists and specialists as well as graduate students take part, give rise to conceptual ideas. Over the years of its sessions, the Festival has united morethan thirty countries, more than five thousand professionalswhose experience has been implemented in the daily practiceof teachers from different countries, as well as leading universities and educational institutions: 

and others.

Welcome to the X International Schoolteachers Festival!

5-7 August 2019

If you want to take part in Festival, please call us +7 (927) 041-07-40

E-mail: kafped09@yandex.ru

More information: fest.kpfu.ru