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Projects of the Institute

The priority task of the institute is to improve the collective school-university partnership by renewing the content of basic education programs, social projects, and to establish stable relationships with basic educational institutions.

The social and educational projects implemented at the institute aim at:

- Monitoring entrance to the higher educational institution (we encourage gifted applicants). The projects implementing the task to develop and support gifted students, including those who come from abroad, are: Children's University, Summer Physical and Mathematical School, Intellectual children's camp "IntelLeto", the profile children's camp with ethno-cultural component "Hyyal", and the program «RuStart».

- Enabling students' early entrance into the profession. The projects that are implemented are: "The Teacher of the new generation", "The Teacher that I remember."

- Psycho-pedagogical support of teachers, university graduates. The "International Festival of School Teachers” contributes to the teachers' professional development, improves professional competence through discussion of actual problems and prospects of development of the modern system of Russian school education in terms of its modernization. Participants to the forum exchange experience and views on the psychological and pedagogical, informational and methodological support of educational process in the modern school and learn about new developments and achievements in the field of educational technologies in Russia and abroad.