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Doctoral Programs

The institute also offers doctoral degree programs for those wishing to conduct research and obtain a Candidate of Science Degree (PhD). Doctoral students take required courses and pass qualifying exams. The program includes independent research as well as preparation and public defense of a dissertation. Duration of Study: 3 years (+ 1 year of Preparatory course in the Russian language for Postgraduate Studies, if needed). Candidates must have obtained a specialist's diploma or a master's degree (second level of university education). Admission to aspirantura is competitive. Russian language proficiency (TORFL-2) is required.

The Institute offers doctoral programs in the following fields: Linguistics and Literature Studies (Russian, Tatar and World Literature, Theory of Literature and Textology, Russian, Tatar or Romance Languages, Theory of Language, Comparative-Historical, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics) and Education & Pedagogic Studies (General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education, Theory and Methods of Teaching and Educating in Russian, Tatar and Foreign Languages, Literature Theory and Methods of Professional Training).

International scholars may also come to our Institute as visiting scholars for a short period. Please emails to ifmk@kpfu.ru to enquire about such short visits.

If you wish to become our doctoral student, please write to the Department of External Affairs at admission@kpfu.ru and inquire about required documents for application. The Institute will then review your documents and assign a graduate advisor for you.