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Welcome to Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

The history of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication dates back to the foundation of Kazan Imperial University in 1804. The Institute today is one of the largest schools of KFU with over four thousand undergraduate and graduate students with over a thousand of international students. The Institute employs 300 faculty and staff members including lecturers and tutors from different parts of the world. The geography of our academic staff and students consists of over 30 countries such as Turkmenistan, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Spain, USA and many more.

The Institute comprises 3 higher schools:

Leo Tolstoy Higher School of Russian and Foreign Philology

Gabdulla Tukay Higher School of National Culture and Education

I.A. Baudouin de Courtenay Higher School of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication

We offer a number of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programmes majoring in Philology, Linguistics, Teacher Training and Design. Our students learn several foreign languages, e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, etc. They develop skills in translation, interpretation, teaching in bilingual environment. Specifically for international students the Institution created a bachelor programme in linguistics (Russian as a foreign language). For more details of the programmes and how to apply, please visit Admissions.

We host several Research and Education Centers and Kazan International Linguistic Center. The Centre offers short-term and long-term language courses, professional development and second education programs for in-service and pre-service educators, translators, culturologists, etc.

Undergraduate programmes

Master's programmes

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