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Bionanotechnology Group

Our research is focused on fabrication of novel bioinspired and biocompatible functional materials. We design, produce and test nanosized materials for drug delivery, antimicrobial and anti-corrosion coatings and tissue engineering. Inspired by Nature, we try to recreate several important functional properties of biological systems in our “hand made” materials. Particularly, we are interested in magnetic materials, drug delivery vehicles and tissue support scaffolds. Our approach in research is frequently stimulated by curiosity and “let's try” approach, yielding in “real life” applications.
We were among the pioneers of cell surface engineering, reporting numerous approaches to functionalise living cells with a range of functional nanomaterials. Currently, we use our immense experience in fabrication of more complex cell-based clusters and microscopic devices.

We are the part of the informal international halloyite community, proud to study biological effects of these fascinating inorganic nanotubes and producing novel materials based on halloysite nanotubes.
Recently we started a series of nanotoxicity projects aimed at the development of novel approaches to investigate the potential toxicity of nanomaterials. We employ a whole range of biological models, including microbial and human cells, invertebrates (i.e. C. elegans) and vertebrate organisms.
We occupy 3 fully equipped laboratories and have full access to University Microscopy suite and other shared facilities.

Our team is actively engaged in teaching Nanotechnology and Biomaterials at Kazan Federal University. We mentor MSc and PhD students having a good opportunity to work on their research projects using our state-of-the-art instrumentation under our careful supervision.
We collaborate with numerous home and international research groups.

For more information about our research please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rawil Fakhrullin kazanbio@gmail.com