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Department of Philosophical Anthropology

Head of Department

Saykina Guzel Kebirovna

Tel.: +7 (843) 292 63 21

E-mail: Guzel.Saykina@ksu.ru



In 2011 by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Kazan State University was united with two universities – Tatar State University for Humanities and Education (TSUHE) and Kazan State Institute of Economics and Finance (KSIEF). A new department was established in the faculty of philosophy of KFU - Department of philosophical anthropology , which included mostly teachers of the departments of philosophy of TSUHE and KSIEF.

The department of philosophy of TSUHE had a long tradition of research of the problem of man. In different years the department has worked in the following research areas: "Social problems of personality", " Philosophical problems of man and society." The range of issues researched by teachers included studies of anthropological perspective in Russian cosmism and Russian orthodox church philosophy, the philosophy of the relations of man with scientific and technological revolution and the development of science , existential problems of materialism, gender issues . In the center of research of the department of philosophy of KSIEF were social activity of the individual and the national character in art.

Currently the department employs two professors with Dr.Sci. degree, five associate professors with PhD degree. Teachers of the department are preparing bachelors and masters on philosophical subjects in almost all faculties of the university. Range of subjects taught is quite wide. For students of the Faculty of Philosophy: philosophical anthropology, religious anthropology , bioethics , philosophy, gender studies, political ethics , religious ethics . For students from other faculties : philosophy, logic, ethics, history of Western philosophy , the history of Russian philosophy , bioethics. For Postgraduate students: history and philosophy of science. The Department takes an active part in training sessions and taking exams of post-graduate students of KFU.

Among the scientific publications of the teachers of the department the following are noteworthy: monographs - G.K. Saikina "It's hard to be a man ... (Metaphysical routes of of man) " (2012), L.M. Bogatova " Gender as a metaphysical mystery of human life " (2008) " Emancipation : finita la femina?» (2009); tutorials - G.K. Saikina "Metaphysical foundation of morality . Introduction to Ethics"(2002), "The Man in search of an identity. Tutorial philosophical anthropology "(2009), "Introduction to metaphysics of man"(2013) , L.M. Bogatova "The philosophy of gender: aspects of morphology" (2013) , A.R. Karimov Introduction to analytic philosophy (2012), R.K. Smirnov "Introduction to the ethics of economic relations"(2012).

Department of philosophical anthropology operates under "Program of improving competitiveness " (5-100 ).

The plans of the Department include opening of training masters on " Bioethics ", bachelors and masters in "Applied Ethics" (2015).