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Bachelor program


 Why ITIS?

While studying in ITIS you will become a specialist on-fire and get a real experience in development. You will be in the team of IT training leaders. Your education will help you find a high-paying job in the IT sector.

- We offer education of international standard

- Fundamental disciplines are delivered by the best KFU professors

- Year-round internships, a lot of practice and work in real projects starting from the 2nd year

- IT disciplines are taught by leading developers from large IT companies

- Strong language training with the possibility of learning an additional language

Two training profiles:

- Information Systems Technologies Development

- Industrial Software Development

Number of admissions and admission score in ITIS in 2020:

Profiles and Points

With a tuition fee

Information Systems Development Technologies


Industrial software development


Admission score in 2019


Students, starting from the 2nd year, choose their specialization through the elective courses. During the academic year, a project workshop through the mentorship from partner companies or within internal projects of scientific and applied laboratories of the Higher School of ITIS is held.

Students specialize in:

? Intelligent Robotics

? Artificial Intelligence, Computational Emotions

? Visualization, 3D-Modeling, Development of Computer Games

? Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, WP, Tizen)

? Web Development (Django, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, Java s­cript)

? Development of Enterprise Solutions (Java, .NET, 1C)

? Infrastructure Solutions

? Intelligent Learning Systems

We train:

Developers of Complex Software Systems in Java, .Net, Python, Net, Ruby, etc.

Mobile App Developers

Project Managers

Software Testers

Data Management System Specialists

Data Analysts

Intelligent Robotics Specialists

IoT professionals

AR / VR and Computer Games Developers

How can international applicants apply to ITIS:

All the questions related to the admission of foreign students to the Higher School of ITIS can be asked by mail:


By phone: (843) 221-34-33 (ext. 12)

In a group on VKontakte

For ITIS applicants from the CIS countries Chat in WhatsApp is available

Follow all the latest news on admission in the news below, as well as in our group on Vkontakte

Useful link  for admission to KFU 2020

Tuition Fee at ITIS:

Tuition Fee for 2019:

- for CIS countries residents: 145 500 rubles.

- for residents of non-CIS countries and Turkmenistan: 160 800 rubles.

Each year, the fee rises for about 4%

Applications for admission are accepted here from June 20, 2020.

Housing of nonresident students

Nonresident students are guaranteed 100% accommodation in KFU campus, regardless of the form of study.

All the first year students are housed in the Universiade Village. The housing fee is 550 rubles per month.

We create the future. Be among the best!