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Medical station

Medical support for Yelabuga Institute students is provided on the basis of a joint activity agreement with Yelabuga City Polyclinic and branch No. 2, according to which all full-time students are served by these institutions.

In hostel No. 2 there is a first-aid post, where qualified specialists conduct reception. In accordance with the goals and objectives, the first-aid post provides first-aid care for injuries, poisoning, acute diseases; arranging transportation of patients and victims to the Central District Hospital; refers for consultation and treatment; conducts medical and rehabilitation measures for the appointment of a doctor.

The medical center is equipped with the necessary equipment, equipped with medicines and medical tools for sanitary and educational work with students, there is methodological and visual material on medical topics. Daily reception is conducted, procedural and physiotherapeutic rooms work.

Paramedic - Plekhanova Valentina Nikolaevna

Working days of the medical center: Monday to Friday

Operating mode: from 8:00 to 17:00