28 October 2019
The intellectual game of Russian history & government law

At the legal faculty during the “Derjavin works” conference the intellectual game of Russian history & government law was held. It’s the 5th series held so far. It’s purpose is to spread the knowledge around own country’s history & culture among students. 

Teams of up to 5 people are participating. Based on results winning teams are acknowledged (1st, 2nd, 3rd places) & also the best captain among all teams getting picked. This year 7 teams have participated. Based on competition here are the winners: 1st place- “Children of merchants"  (RPA of Ministry of Justice, Moscow) -19 points, 2nd place - “Sputnik-I" (group 09-902 of legal faculty KFU) -points; 3rd place - team "Virniki" (VGUYU) - 17 points. Halikova Sofia Mikhailovna (08-902 group of legal law faculty of KFU) won the best captain nomination. The moderator of game was KFU graduate Novikov Roman. The jury members were - teachers at KFU department of government science & legal history - Sabirova L.L., Shigabutdinova A.L., Okriashvilli T.G.