06 September 2019
Students from LIRS do their internship in NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. and Tateyama Group within academic exchange program

Since August 2019 Ramil Safin and Artur Shafikov, master students of “Intelligent Robotics” of the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems (ITIS) (KFU), intern with the Japanese IT-companies and Kanazawa University.
Ramil does his internship in NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. company (Tokio) in Research & Development Department (R&D), where he works with application tasks given for a week that are led by company staff. Before that he got acquainted with supervisor and his subordinates.
NEC Solution Innovators is the core ICT (information and communications technologies) company underpinning the NEC Group's “Solutions for Society” business. Its major business lines encompass system integration services and software development for a wide range of customers including national and local governments, enterprises, and primary industries. The company was formed in 1975 as a specialized IT-services provider for the NEC Group. 
Artur does his internship in Tateyama Group company in Toyama city, where he works with application tasks in the field of computer vision. 
Tateyama Kagaku Group commenced its operations in Toyama in 1958 with the establishment of Tateyama Kagaku Industry Co., Ltd., producing carbon film resistors. Since then, they have continuously been developing various types of resistors as well as establishing new business areas including manufacturing and sale of visual equipment, development, design, manufacturing and sale of factory automation (FA) systems, and development of software for computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) and FA systems. Today they boast a 14-company group cooperating and enhancing each other's contributions.

Source of information: Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems