18 June 2019
The first class of masters of Intelligent Robotics completed dissertations with a cum laude degree

On 18th of June students of master's degree program of Intelligent Robotics of the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems (ITIS) of Kazan Federal University (KFU) successfully protected their degree works 
Completing dissertations with a cum laude degree, students acquired unique knowledge from top university teachers of ITIS. Moreover, master students learned valuable skills and got particular qualification for their further work at any IT-company because of their experience in participating in Russian and international conferences and exhibitions and doing projects on robotics under the guidance of specialists in the Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic System of ITIS.
Ksenia Shabalina has commented on her choice on behalf of studying on Intelligent Robotics' masters' degree of ITIS. She is a laureate of Student of the Year among bachelor's and master's degrees students of KFU; also she is the only one, who is graduated with honor among the magisters with tuition fee-based studying. Ksenia told us:
“I don't regret I've chosen ITIS again to continue my education. I think that the success of education and studying process depends on half of student's contribution and work; so the last 2 years were very productive for me. Everything that teachers gave me, such as software engineering and robotics subjects, will be necessary and very valuable for me in my future. However, I already use some stuff”.
This year we are planning to open our bachelor's degree program in the Higher Institute of ITIS called “Intelligent Robotics”. Admissions office starts working on the 20th of June (including submission via the Internet). 

Source of information: Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems