Erdal Sh. `Peter Simon Pallas's work “Comparative dictionaries of all languages and dialects” and its place in the study of Turkic languages and dialects

Sattarova M. Pһonetic features of the Tatar language spoken in different geographic areas

Shidakova F., Mugtasimova G. Рaroemiological fund as a thesaurus of verbal behavior conventions (on the material of Karachai-Balkar and Tatar proverbs)


Motamednia Masoumeh Nasrollah. Qasida genre in Iranian and Tatar literature

Fazlutdinov I. Modern tatar poetry of Bashkortostan through criticism

Khasavnekh A. The problem of spiritual ascent in the story Abouthasan Al-Basri аnd Rabi'A Al- 'Adawiyya by the Tatar Sufi poet Abulmanikh Kargaly


Şahin L. Evolution of the meaning of the ethnonym Tatar: A look from a spatial perspective

Belyaev R., Zaripov I., Safarov M. Contacts of Tatar religious leaders of Finland and the USSR in 1920s-1980s

Gabdrafikova L. Tatar literature of the 19th-20th centuries as a historical source

Nizamova L. USA Tatars and Аmerican multiculturalism

Safarov M. The Shirinsky family chronicles throughout the centuries


Zarifullin Z., Zakirov M. We are an ethnos with heritage (on the 25th anniversary of the journal 'Bezneŋ Miras')

Sagitova G., Khabutdinova M. Tatar bayt “Sak-Sok” from the perspective of the 21stcentury art

Khusainova R. The structure of life values and axiological motivations of pupils from migrant families in Тatarstan

Yunusov R. Journal focused on the future


Kuzmina K. Professor еmeritus оf Kazan University Vakhit Khozyatovich Khakov

Khisamova F., Nurieva F. D.G.Tumasheva's contribution to the development of Tatar linguistics

Shakirtzyanov R. Кurban Galimov, an outstanding scholar of Kazan school of mechanics

Shaydullin R. Tagirov Indus Rrizakovich: a scholar and social figure


Motigullina A. Review оf D.G.Gallyamova's book “Kerim Reshidov (Dzhamanakly): The name in the national history. Crimea – Kazan – Elabuga”. (Kazan: [W.P.], 2016. 64 p.)

Habutdinov A. Review of the collection of articles by Safiullin Fandas “For freedom and equality: Memoirs, рublicism, аnd interviews. (Kazan: Zhyen, 2016. 672 p.)


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