N.K.Bakirov and I.R.Gallyamov. Comparison of numerical integration formulas
M.Yu.Kokurin. The global search in the Tikhonov scheme
M.E.Muminov and U.R.Shodiev. Spectral properties of a Hamiltonian of a four-particle system on a lattice
M.Kh.Teshaev. Realization of servo-constraints by electromechanical servosystems
S.N.Timergaliev and I.R.Mavleev. Solvability of the boundary-value problem for a partial quasilinear differential equation of the fourth order
M.Kh.Faizrakhmanov. Decomposability of low 2-computably enumerable degrees and Turing jumps in the Ershov hierarchy
Asghar Khan, Muhammad Shabir, and Young Bae Jun. Intuitionistic fuzzy quasi-ideals of ordered semigroups
Yu.Kh.Khasanov. Approximation of almost periodic functions of two variables
M.M.Shumafov. Stabilization of the second-order linear time-invariant control systems by a delayed feedback

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