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Year of publication2021
  • Bagautdinov Albert Albinovich, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Bagautdinov A.A Psychology of Business Communication Advanced Student`s Coursebook - ASOI: Almetyevsk, 2021. - 91 p.
    Annotation This course offers a survey of major concepts, basic mechanisms and patterns of communication, methods and means of effective interaction of people necessary to solve problems within the professional and scientific-pedagogical activities of future masters. The course in English is designed for graduate students Petroleum Engineering specialty. Methodologically, this course is rooted in the rational choice tradition, but it also incorporates other perspectives. Empirically, most topics will be discussed in the context of European Culture mentality. The objective is to acquaint you with the seminal ideas and to help you identify research opportunities and/or narrow down your dissertation direction.
    Keywords psyche, personality, business negotiations, conflicts, conflict resolution strategies
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